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Choice Pool Size 3
Randomness 0.7

Looking for a good name for your fictional character? Click the "Generate Names" button to create a list of names to choose from.

How It Works

Names are generated using a neural network that, given a series of letters, predicts the following letter. The first letter is chosen completely randomly, but each subsequent letter is chosen from a selection of letters according to the settings below. This selection of letters will be referred to as the "choice pool" and includes the network's best predictions for each letter of the name. You can choose the size of this choice pool and how likely the network is to choose from it. When not choosing from the pool, the network simply chooses its best prediction.


A Choice Pool Size setting of 3 combined with a Randomness setting of 0.7 means that each letter has a 70% chance of being picked from the top 3 most likely letters to be put in that position of the name, according to the neural network's predictions based on the previous letters of the name. The other 30% of the time, the chosen letter will be the top most likely letter prediction.



I wrote blog posts about the process of creating this project, from starting in PyTorch to translating into TensorFlow to creating the web app.


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